Im going to get my tattoo tommorow so excited

Its going to be painful im going to take 4 tablets of Tylenol to reduce the pain. Its going be sick.

Are you in the uk ? What you getting ? :slight_smile:

Congrats on the tattoo but please don’t take 4 tablets of Tylenol this could damage your liver.


I don’t know if this different where you’re from. Certain painkillers thin the blood. You’re better off with a numbing cream if you absolutely must have pain relief. Where is the location on your body the tattoo is going

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Me too. I will have 3 tattoo s

Im getting america tattoo. in the arm, for 350.

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okay ill just take two.


Don’t overdose on Tylenol. It’s hard on your liver


Honestly I don’t think you’d need pain relief for there, but it depends on your pain threshold

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