I'm going to be working in retail Hopefully BUT

My advice is to put yourself on automatic pilot and serve him politely as long as he is not abusive to you in any way. You could also give him some little, nonverbal gestures that might get him to leave. That’s about all you can do. There is no guarantee it will work. Are there any security guards where you work? If he is too unruly you could complain to them.

Its your only choice since you can’t face him face to face. If someone was mistreating me and stalking me even after telling her/him to fk off, I would call the cops. Your problems will continue throughout all your life if you don’t do this. If he dies, there will be a similar person who will do the same as him. There’s many types of people, parasites like him.

I agree with @Montezuma

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Anyways I am just repeating myself and you won’t ignore him or call the cops.

? I don’t understand. You said he’s harrassing you and then you say he was not all bad? How do you feel about him? Do you like him or is he harrassing you?

Ok I just read the thread, what will you do if you see him again somewhere unexpectedly?

Sorry I don’t feel so comfortable talking about this topic anymore. But basically if I see him on the road I would ignore him.

I have told him that I don’t want to communicate with him anymore, so if he tried to, I will ignore him.

He has said that he does not want to communicate with me anymore either.

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Would you be the only one there? Or are there other staff? I would just explain it to them who he is, and ask someone else to serve him if at all possible

It might not be possible to ask someone else to serve him.

Just wondering how I should mentally approach such a hypothetical situation.

Basically we both agreed it’s best not to see each other anymore.

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Not saying I hate him though. It is just that in the past there were times when he has not known when to stop asking something when I’ve already said no. And that has just sort of affected me.

Good luck! I hope you get what you want

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Thanks Piano! I hope it goes well. :smiley:

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