I'm going to be working in retail Hopefully BUT

PLEASE don’t do this
He will harm you
He will find a way to abuse you you cannot be prepared for what he will say or do
Didn’t he say last time that it was just to end it well
And that was rape


I know how to be assertive with him now. It’s OK, honestly. I feel this is a good idea for a peace of mind for me and him. Cos last time I just lost my temper but I won’t this time.

Please re-read your own thread about how you felt when you were with him

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What makes you think he has changed? Looking at it from his point of view, what incentive is there for him to change?


He wants to learn from his mistakes. And plus I don’t feel uncomfortable to say no anymore, if he asks more than once, and to walk away if need be. Unlike before.

Why do you think this. He has no incentive to learn from his mistakes because he doesnt apologize or change, and you keep giving him more chances.

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He does apologise at times. I just want a peaceful end of the relationship so I’m going to be hundred percent peaceful today but assertive too if need be.

Have the police on speed dial.

“Sorry, I am such an awful person, I’m garbage you must hate me” is not an apology. It is manipulating you to feel bad for him and give him another chance even though he has done nothing to earn it.

“Sorry you got hurt” is not an apology. It is blaming you for feeling upset by the bad thing he chose to do.

“I miss you and I’m trying so hard” is not an apology. It is an attempt to make you forget that he raped you last week so you will give him a chance to do it again.

He fully intends to harm you.


I can guarantee you this guy has a totally different reason for meeting up with you. I think if you were to get into his head you would be shocked to discover how he really feels about you. This person does not respect you. He is using you because he can do anything, even have sex with you against your will, and you will still let him back in.

I know you have this idea that he’s a nice person deep down or a poor troubled soul, but that really is ■■■■■■■■ and it’s how he’s manipulating you. I know you’re a nice person and you get lonely, but please do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from this guy.


I left him now.

We just met briefly.

The relationship is over

Thankyou everyone for your opinions.

He really is a good guy but he needs to stop asking again and again for what he’d like to do or what he wants when I’ve said no.

I think he gets it now.

But we are over.

If anything bad happens please know you can talk to us and we’ll support you even if you meet up with him when everyone begged you not to go. We won’t judge you. We’re just trying to help

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I didn’t know he raped you.

I missed that post.

I’m sorry to hear that.

That’s definitely not ok.

I don’t know if it counts as rape in the UK. Basically in the past he has asked again and again even though I told him I don’t want to the first time. It’s complicated to explain why I used to say yes eventually but has to do with My state of mind at the time.

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Thankyou for trying to be supportive of the closure. :hugs:

I’m actually not in support of you seeing him. But I am in support of you regardless of what happens


I’m not meeting with him anymore.


That’s great news!

My job interview is tomorrow. And I’m going to bed now.

I’m not really sure how I feel right now.

Anyone want to wish me luck, feel free :smile: