I'm going to be an author!

Just thought I’d share some good news - I wrote a book about my journey with Mental illness, called Mindstorm, and received an email last month from one publisher who accepted it. So I am set to become a published writer! Lots of work in the months ahead, it’s early days yet :blush: I will let you know when the book release is. Keeping my fingers crossed! :smile: I feel so good - becoming an author is a long-standing dream of mine and now it seems to be coming true. :sunny:



CONGRATULATIONS! That’s awesome.

Congratulations @Hadeda. I deffinately want a copy.

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What an accomplishment !! I had to self publish you must be a very skilled writer to get a publishing company without an agent. I found it almost impossible to get published. lots of reject papers. I finally just self published. I am so proud of you !!

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Awesome! Really good for you @Hadeda! :smiley:

They say that F. Scott Fitzerald got 128 rejection slips before he ever got published. Becoming an admired writer takes quite a bit of commitment and patience.

Congratulations! Maybe you can get permission to sell your book on this site. I would like to read it.


well done , im going to write one myself , in my twilight years , on schiz.

I got the outlines of a recovery model.

does yours detail a recovery model . or is it more your personal experience

congratulations and well done. You’ve worked so hard. I’m glad it’s paying off.

Thank you for sharing the great news.

That’s brilliant, especially from someone who keeps telling us she lacks motivation, lol. You must have worked really hard!

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Good job. Did you get an advancement? Do you have an agent?