I'm going to a psychadelic trance festival lol

My friends have invited me I’m extremely nervous though.

The good news is u just spin around in circles to the music as thats what the hippies do. I shall copy them…

I used to get extremely paranoid of festivals but that was before I was on APs… now I think I should be fine…

Have to face your triggers some day and break them


Good for you, walla

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That’s veery exciting news

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That sounds like an interesting time…

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is that drugs? will you be taking them?

I’ve heard mixed reviews on that sort of stuff

but yes to the dancing part

have fun

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Yes there are lots of drugs there but I wont take any, I’ll just drink a few beers to loosen up…

And act like a monkey on the dance floor lol


you’re a guy right?

are you white?

can white boys dance/ well, sure they can!

Just don’t run naked throw the crowd and you’ll be fine :joy:

I can dance. But usually not sober lol.

Damn I love that it’s my favourite part of the party

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It’s like weird dancing at these trance parties…

U kind of just stomp the ground and pretend to carry out rituals lol

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Will die antwoord be there.

Lol no ways haha this is psychadelic music.

Its suppose to take your mind on a journey…

Loads of hippies there

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Yeah avoid the lsd to, could be a trigger :sweat_smile::wink:

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Oh sweet that’s my kinda festival lol.

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Hahah damn straight

Not like lsd would work on the meds anyways

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Yea it doesn’t…

But I avoid all that crap now, i just drink a few beers instead and watch everyone else trip and laugh

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Taking lsd is like taking a psychosis pill

I thought the whole country did away with hippies

glad to see it’s still active

probably hard to find

lots of those older ones turned conservative


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