I'm going through changes...positive life

well, I feel better smoking outside and it’s beautiful Fall weather so I anticipate the falling of leaves. I love Fall more than Spring. I don’t like winter and I don’t like summer. I’ve cut down to just about a pack a day and only go out every 30 minutes for a smoke. I have met someone that uses vape pens and she just stopped smoking. I hope this woman and I get together because we have the same interests. She loves music and working in her yard. She loves dogs and I do too. So far so good. She lives north of me in the next town and we are supposed to get together and meet soon. Dating I thought would be scary but she squashed that feeling. I love talking with her. Anyways, that’s my life right now.


i am really happy for you.
take care

Wow… good for you.

I think the fact that you are open to love makes it easy for you to find love.

I’m glad things are looking up so soon.

thank you guys. I just don’t like being alone? I don’t know why people always talk down dating sites. I met my ex wife on this site when it was still the old forum. We were meant for eachother, just had the cards stacked against us because we met when we both were unstable. damn Abilify. haha…

This woman, Kelli, is really great. We meet sometime next week.