I'm Going Off The Grid

…for my own Mental Health…

If the Moderators could please delete my account, and anonymize all of my posts I would appreciate it.

It would be nice if you could delete all of the pics I have posted as well…if possible.

You’ve all been great to me on this forum and I’ll miss you. I’m just going to stop posting anything on the computer for a year and see how I feel.


Pat :sunny:

Mmmmmm K bye?
Keep yer chin up and good luck.
Write if you get work, send money too.

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Are you sure you want to be anonymized? We could just suspend you for a bit, so you can get a chance to stabilize again. If you have any pictures you want deleted, just flag them and we can delete them for you.

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man you may withdraw… and it seems like you do what I do sometimes… post here instead of talking your loved ones heads off… are you sure you wanna cut the cord and not just limit your time… just a thought I support you either way and wish you the best…


Yes, please anonymize me…

I’m positive this is the right thing to do…I’ve discussed it with my family.



ah cant argue with the clan good luck pat…be safe and be happy…


Okay I can respect that. I’ll give you a few hours to flag any pictures you want deleted.


I’m gonna miss you Patrick, but if you’ve discussed this with your family then I can understand.

Take care :v:


“Going off the grid” means that a residential unit is disconnected from the local power network completely, and living in a way that is independent from public utilities, such as electricity, water and sewage systems, in favor of creating your own energy, growing or raising your own food. Are you up to the challenge? People go off the grid for a couple of reasons including:

  1. Eco cencerns
  2. Self-sufficiency
  3. So the government can’t track them
  4. Philosophical reasons

Going off grid should not be an impulsive decision; it can be exceedingly difficult, costly, and filled with unexpected problems if one has not done the proper research, nor acquired the requisite skills. Anyway, good luck.

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Bye patrick I’ll miss you.

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