I'm going into 2021 debt free

I only have £49 on a credit card.

Plus £1000 for Ireland holiday which I’m paying off on Monday at travel agents

I’m going into 2021 debt free first time in like forever.

Does a mobile phone contract count as a debt? I still have a 1 year phone contact for iPhone 11 Pro.


That’s outstanding!! Good job, mate.




Congrats I am also going into it debt free

Great news @bobbilly !

I have an iPhone 11 pro too! Which colour did you pick? I have the green one

This is the best I’ve ever done with money. I paid off the balance on all my credit cards about a year and half ago and not only am I now debt free, but since about October of 2019 I have had around $2000 in my checking acount at all times. The best thing I did was give all my credit cards to my sister to keep at her house. I rarely use them; I learned credit cards are not a neccessity.


Money has no hold of me and I have no hold on it!

I spend what I have and have a good time but I’m starting to try and save for a rainy day. I’m 50 now and things will add up especially the car and stuff so I’m getting into saving for when I need it. I think that will help.

Ive been using credit for the past 6 months. It doesnt help when the bank offers to extend the overdraft and the credit card upped the limit to 2 grand lol.

Ive cut the credit card up - i owe about 650 on it. But thats enough.
Yeah and mobile contracts are counted as a form of credit.

I have to laugh - ive got a better credit score than my twin brother - and hes working!

If you wanna good credit score - never take out a payday loan - it shows your desparate, and pay your utility bills before the red one comes in. And pay your phone bill off early if you can.
Never use more than 50% of your overall credit either.

I am gonna bring my debts down even if its just a small amount i owe. Most of the money i spend goes on stuff i could do without anyway.

I use clear score

My score was really high, but then I got a massive energy bill because they messed my payments up, so I cancelled the direct debit as it was over £200. That was classed as a missed payment, and my score is crap now

You have to be so careful.

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Yeah i use clear score and think money too. Mine usually fluctuates up and down by about 20 points each month. When i know my energy bills due i usually chuck 150 on the balance a month before hand - so its not so much of a shocker.

I apply and get the warm home discount every march as well of £140 - cos im on PIP.

I have good credit.

I’m 38 yo and just now finding out the advantages to having good credit.

Can you provide the link to this? I am on PIP and have not heard of this before

Its slightly more complicated for those under 65. Most elderly people get it because they are
in the “Core Group”.

You need to APPLY DIRECTLY to your energy supplier as a “BROADER GROUP”

And be aware not all Energy Suppliers are part of the scheme. Im with scottish Power which does it. But british gas and the “main ones” are members.

The what i call “cheap suppliers” like octupus energy are not members.



Ah. I use Octopus! Thanks for the heads up anyway @Naarai

Your in luck mate. @FadeToBlack


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Thank you. I have applied! Will see what happens.

I owe you at least several coffees, but it’s impossible here, so have a special cat photo

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No Problem mata lol :smiley:

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