I'm going downhill

I’ve been noticing my body weakening lately. I get tired doing things I used to do with ease. Yesterday I went outside to remove some junk from the lawn so I could mow. (I get paid for it.) Some of it was kind of heavy, and it tired me out much quicker than that kind of work usually tires me out. I’m just 57 years old. I’m too young to be going downhill. I also sometimes wonder if my mind isn’t weakening. I keep forgetting words for things that I should know. Yesterday I couldn’t think of the word “chiropracty” as a type of physical therapy. I’m always trying to remember the name of a town, or the name of a store, or the word for something, and I have to describe it to other people and have them recall the name of it for me. I’m too young for this to be happening to me.

Hey @crimby. Maybe you are coming down with a bug or something? I mean when I get a cold I feel very tired and my brain gets jumbled up. If you have the means maybe get a blood test. You could be anemic or deficient of something.

My mum got lymes disease from a tic and that effected her badly - physically or mentally. After a coarse of antibiotics she got a lot better. I wouldn’t invest energy in worrying if your tiredness is permanent as chances are it is not.

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Do you exercise? Maybe start exercising.

My mom can’t do anything anymore, she gets tired quickly, she didn’t exercise at all. She’s 61.

When I was young I exercised a lot. Getting on ap’s took a lot of that away from me. I was doing plyometrics for a while, but my knee stiffened up, and I’m scared to do them now. It feels like if I strained my knee the wrong way it could get a lot worse. Lately I’ve been walking back and forth in my room for 30 min. once or twice a day. I hope I can get back into doing plyometrics again.

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Try swimming for exercise… I think it’s fun… And it’s not as much strain on the body…

I work out in the yard yesterday pick and racking got a hole truck load to day my body and mind are so betten up I can not function …53

It sounds like you and me are in the same boat. I did some mild plyometrics about an hour ago, and it seemed to help. Sometimes doing plyometrics can get my body more lined up.