I'm going crazy!

My mind is so silent… I’m going nuts… Someone help me

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Isn’t that better than hearing voices?

@Jackie The voices were always so kind to me like a friend…

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Awwww, that’s so nice to hear. I wish I had voices like that, since I’m very alone at home.

When I hear voices they yell my name or call me nasty things.

Started happening recently.

@Jackie That’s what my outer voices did… My inner voices were nice.

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Took me over a year to get used to a quieter mind


Not having voices is a good thing. How long did you have them? Here I am jumping at glitches of slight voice hearing while you’re lamenting them being gone! What a pair we are!

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I know it’s a good thing I’m just having to get use to it. I can’t ever remember not having these voices. Lol yeah.