I'm going crazy with this stay home order

What can I do to get out of the house?

Think of the virus. Stay safe indoors.


Find activities indoor. Exercising, video chatting with friends, video games, music, etc Thats what I do.

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Go for a walk. You’re fine if you stay away from people. Get some sun. Do you have a dog you can walk? Can you go fishing? Can you go hiking? Mountain climbing?

Get some excersise in.


This. I do a lot of walking, just make sure I keep 4m between myself and others at least. It’s part of what keeps me level.

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I usually track my steps at home.

Stay safe!

Go for a long walk every day. Fresh air is good for you

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Hey @Aziz, you sound well (er) these days.

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Get some movies. If you don’t want to leave your house rent them over the internet. It’s a little bit expensive - $2.95 - but you can’t beat the convenience.

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Sit on your porch

Video games.

I just re-bought the Nintendo switch cuz I felt a lockdown coming on.

I’m adicted to paper Mario. So nostalgic!

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We’re not even in a lockdown where I’m located but I’m sort of acting like we are.

I’ve been drinking gallons of coffee and watching tons of movies.

I think @crimby’s idea is solid. :+1:

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Me too, it’s not a far trip for me.