I'm Glad You Kept Me Alive

A year of lockdown
2 shots in my arm
It’s nice that you care enough to bother
And Covid-19 did not take me down for the count
I’m glad that you kept me alive
Staring at the same 4 walls
Almost uninterrupted for a year
I missed Christmas, last Easter, my birthday and New Years’
Stuck with the people here at the group home
With whom I’ve learned to get along
I’m glad that you kept me alive
But I feel like I’ve died
I know I have no business getting married
Or getting a woman pregnant
But I miss their smiles
And their mirthful ways
I can think of a few I’d like to have lunch with today
I’m glad that you’ve kept me alive
But I’ve feel like I’ve died
So when will it end?
The number today was below 10
Some say a new wave is coming
Some say there’s no reason to be bumming
Some say it will last a few more years
Some say it will never disappear
When can we live again
I’m glad that you kept me alive
But I feel I have died


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