Im glad to announce that Im on full remission

The title 15151515151515


I hope it lasts. But in the meantime enjoy.

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Oh yeah, its not like my first day on a remissiom anyways

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That’s great news! I’m happy for you :blush:

How do you know?

Glad for you @Newlyborn.

I was in remission and started skipping doses and had a big relapse.

No postive or negative symptoms


I am actually increasing my dose not to let it go


Congrats on not having negatives or positives! However, if your meds are right why take more? Did you discuss this with your pdoc. If you’re doing great, don’t change anything!

Speaking of this, I realized that I’ve never had remission from depression. I’m glad you’re in remission!

Just to be safe from a relapse, I will be talking to my pdoc this friday


You’re lucky dude! :crazy_face: enjoy it

Thanks, I will 151515

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