I'm glad I'm not illiterate

I struggled at school. I remember when aged 10 I couldn’t even read or spell the word Sandy, my dogs name. I had extra tutoring in primary school with reading and writing, I don’t think it helped much. Best thing that happened is that I was put into a special needs secondary school at age 11 for people with learning difficulties/disabilities. There were only 70 students in the whole school, only 4 students in my class from year 7 to 11, with one teacher and one teaching assistant. It was a brilliant school and I have very fond memories there. I learned to read in that school with their help.

I’m very fortunate that I went to that school as in mainstream school I would probably never been able to learn to read or write and I would be illiterate now. And I love reading. I feel blessed.

It must be horrible to be illiterate.


Yea we wouldn’t be able to use this forum if we didn’t learn how to read and write.

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I love your gratitude, of things we all take for granted. Nice

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