I'm getting too efficient at my job

I think I am getting too good at my job. I’ve been working there for over a month now. They expect me to deliver 10 packages per hour on average.

Today i delivered 50 packages in 3 hours, according to their expectations I am allotted about 5 hours.

That means I am making less and they are making more. A loss of 2 hours labour, based on their expectations, is a little hit on my next paycheck.

But maybe when my performance review comes around they’ll give me a nice raise for being so efficient.

I’m still really happy with my job though, it’s the best job I’ve ever had.


Hopefully they will reward you

But main thing is that it’s not stressing you and you’re happy to do it.


Proud of you! It’s great that you are doing well at your job and you’re managing it well


I worked jobs and when performance reviews came around they would always say you’re lacking in some area, so you had something to work on because apparently people are never good enough. I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to raise your production numbers. I remember when I was younger and I was a machinist working in production. I worked 3rd shift and could finish my work in half the time. So I would just chill on the clock or start to stagger my work. Eventually a guy on my shift got jealous and must of told management; then they raised the production numbers where you had to work frantically to keep up. Good things.

I get what you’re saying but with my job they can’t really change anything production wise. I’m a delivery guy, I don’t have any other responsibilities, I signed a bunch of papers, that’s my job. There are a certain number of packages to deliver based on what people have ordered. They can’t increase my work, if no one ordered another package to deliver then there is nothing to deliver. The other day I was told not to come into work because thee was nothing to deliver. I suppose I could go slower, gain the extra two hours I am allotted and make the extra money but then I get bored going so slow.

I’ve only been at this job for a little over a month so I don’t know what to expect from a performance review because I haven’t had one yet, but I would think they would be happy if I get the packages delivered quicker than they expect, customers are always happier the sooner they get their package. I know I love getting my packages earlier than expected when I order things online.


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