Im getting the urge to take a bike trip

i was studying the map today and thought, maybe i would bike from duluth minnesota, to glacier national park in montana on highway 2. originally i thought i would like to try going from seattle washington, to san francisco california along highway 101, but mom said she tried it once and said there was no shoulder on the road and lots of logging trucks.

but then on the other hand, im a little underweight and can’t afford to lose anymore weight right now. so i will probably not do it.

if i do it, i would probably start in early may. i just want to get away for awhile. don’t know how long it would take me though or if i even have enough money to do it. i would mostly camp out at night i think.


maybe i will drive the route first to see if it’s suitable to ride on and try it in 2022.


Probably a good plan to drive the route or at least check it on google street view. You can also get in touch with other travelers through social media to see how they found the journey


I think this is a great idea

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