I'm getting stoopider

I’m having a pity party today.

Last year I was an A student. Then this fall a B now this semester a C. You need a C+ to pass and graduate. I’m totally freaking out. I’m not retaining any information even though I get the material. I guess this is fallout from the depression and med changes. I’m trying to take care of myself eat healthy, get quality sleep. Have had health problems lately with asthma that’s gotten really bad that I can barely walk from the house to the car without having trouble breathing. So my activity has been limited. Went to the Dr for that, new inhaler seems to be working but still afraid of another attack, cause I passed out the last time and bashed my face on the floor. It’s hard not to drink lately but I know that always makes things worse. It used to be I’d feel worse a couple of weeks later but now I’m depressed the day after drinking and really moody and mean.

And here I am back to grieving for who I used to be “before.”

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Hiya @Skims
Im have the greatest sympathy for you. Hopefully your grades will pick up as you get better ,
Take care Kate xxx

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You’re not getting shtoopider. It’s probably the adjustment.

Best of luck

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@Skims May I ask what medicine you’re on? I’m having the same problem, I walk to my car (about 20 steps) and I’m gasping for air even when I have oxygen on.

@nanny the dr just put me on Dulera this week and then I have Albuterol/ventolin for my rescue. I was using the rescue like 2x/day most of last week but am better now. The Dulera seems to be helping. My allergies are killing me this year and spring isn’t even quite here yet.

Are you on any psych medicine?

Saphris, wellbutrin, lamictal, donepezil

What are your poisons (meds, LOl)?

Thanks I’m on a different medicine (olanzapine). Sometimes I worry my medicine is causing the shortness of breath. Although I was told I have severe copd. I just got so bad so fast I thought maybe the medicine was causing it.


You’re not getting stoopider… you have so much on your plate… studying nursing looks like a stress a minute… with a lot of information. It looks fast paced… if you have any health glitch it’s hard to keep up.

Be patient with yourself and work on your health. It’s hard to retain information when your not feeling well.

Again… cut yourself some slack and I hope you feel better soon.

I know a lot of people who don’t have any mental health issues who couldn’t cut being in a nursing program… your amazing