I'm getting real tired of this Sh@%

I get triggered far too easily. When I think I’m home free, I get tagged by third base. I’m getting real tired of this Sh@%. So much so that I haven’t even gone to the gym today.

Things will get better,if it doesn’t after sometime,go and seek help and make changes in your life

What triggered you @apathy?

Apathy, I think you wrote once that you are female. Then why the male avatar? Maybe just a change in your avatar would help. Or, am I wrong? Am I thinking of someone else?

@anon84763962 I don’t even know how to explain it

@chordy that was a joke, i am male

Well, that’s a failing of writing. The content is not always understood.

Yeah that was the point I guess. I like to play practical jokes like that.

Fair enough. I hope you are ok.

Thank you turtle.

It would be worthwhile work for you to attempt to explain yourself to us as we are likely to understand more than many.