I'm getting ready to unfriend Laura and Michael on Facebook

All cuz I said they looked good, those caps, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in one

what is it politics

then I give the obvious that you need meds and I’m called and idiot and misinformant. They go on and on about wanting to record their voices

and prove something to somebody.

ah! Christ.

Do we know who Michael and Laura are?

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inside story, honey, sorry.

They’re upsetting me.


I’m sorry you’re having difficulties on Facebook. I recently I friended a lot of people, and I’m much happier now. They were people from high school/college and I don’t talk to them anymore.


Michael is the dude who drives KITT. Laura must be the weekly love interest / damsel-in-distress.


Is this a reference to some old people thing?

It’s timeless, dammit.

Ah. Yes. Timeless. I now see where I was mistaken. Those graphics are just irreplaceable.

The word you’re looking for is “iconic”.

It is definitely that.

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Hey! I was in love with Michael Knight when I was in kindergarten.

Old people thing. Hmph.

strokes the gray hair


Are you unfriending me???

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How old are you @ZombieMombie?

43 years 151515151515

Who’s that? 1515

Michael Knight from Knight Rider

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If you’re the same Laura Jones I might be.

this thread turned funny. Yes, I loved Knight Rider.

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Knight Rider was an awesome show. I don’t know which one i liked more…Knight Rider or Airwolf. The 80s was a great time for TV shows!


Nope!!! I’m glad we’re still friends! :slight_smile:

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