I'm getting old

How do people handle getting old? I’ll be 46 next month and never even grew up yet. I’m just be some sort of ugly, creepy, unmarried old dude. I don’t know how to act that age or any age for that matter.

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Yeah. I’ll be 50 next year. I’ve grown a grey beard in preperation lol.

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At least I’m not alone and there will be other old people.

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Dang baby boomers, they are really old.

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I am 28 next July I will be 29
I repeated 4 years in university I spend 9 years in university :persevere::persevere:
This disease is all about wasting time


I’m 42 and i’ll be 43 in February. Where does the time go?

This has been getting me down today. I was a late diagnosis so I’ve had a full life (up to about 40).

Now I guess I’ll just rot away for the rest of the time I have left.

I’ll be 38 next year. I hope I make it to fifty at least. Yeah it bothers me a little to get old. I’ll be humorous still.

I got sick at 21 really bad. It was instant. I’m 29 now and I haven’t done anything. I smoke a lot of cigs but that’s about it. I hope to make it to 70 lol.

I’m 19. I think I’m just starting out, but I kinda hope I die before my mom. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I also want to do something to make the world better before I go. I want to be remembered for something good too, that would be nice.

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I’ll be 43 in February as well

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just pull your trousers right up and get the old pipe and slippers out then :joy:

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I’m old and my age is showing.
My left arm is sore and my right foot is in pain when I walk.
My brother tells me that this is to be expected at our age.
I am walking with a slight limp.

I hate getting old.


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