Im getting off olanzapine

ive been taking half of my “dose”, so only 7.5 mg total, for maybe 1.5 months.

now the last three days taking half of that.

ive been taking it close to a year. i cut wayy back on caffeine. i think this is how im pulling it off. feel kinda off but i might be able to survive this. my only schizo symptoms were evil voices. i used to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. and the voices would start. i was already taking medications so i was scared and at a loss. i decided to only drink caffeine in the morning and the night episodes stopped. ive been fine since.

leads me to believe caffeine could be making me schizo or smthng.

hope i can get off. i drink a rockstar style coffee energy drink in the morning and maybe a weak iced tea in the afternoon.!

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If I have too much coffee I notice my spelling and grammar just go out the window. I think it also affects my coordination and I know it kills my attention span. But I LOVE the taste of it.

Caffeine just amps up the racing thoughts. I do have to switch to herbal tea before lunch or I’m going to end up sleepwalking and babbling to my sister at 1:00 a.m.

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yeah i hear u surprisedj, i love coffee also. at my height of my caffeine affair i had 10 cups of strong coffee, 8 starbucks espresso shots all in one day. I did that for a few days even one day had 16 cups of green tea on top of that since i barely slept.

i dont really need caffeine anymore. i like it in the morning though. like a morning kickstart.

i used to live in washington for a few months, really miss it.

do you smoke weed? isnt it legal there now?

It’s legal here now, no I don’t touch it anymore. I did a stint over this last summer and nearly ruined all my good work. Delusions, paranoia, disorganized thinking, really amped the hallucinations and it took a lot of time to come down and stabilize. This last one I really scared my family too. Didn’t get back into lucid town until almost October when I found this site. I honestly don’t miss it anymore.

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I wonder how profitable cannabis being legal is in the long run. There is going to be bigger or more mental health hospitals needed and then there is the cost of paying someone benefits most likely for the rest of a persons life. When I smoked it I thought it was harmless and everyone else thought the same too. With it being legal I bet people think its even more harmless. Whats the prices like? Do you get more for your money?

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Caffeine doesn’t seem to make a difference to my voices. Sometimes they t infrequent for 3 or 4 months then they r omnipresent for another 3 or 4 months regardless of what I eat or drink. The only time they stopped was when I couldn’t swallow anything and was in hospital for severe throat infection so didn’t eat or drink anything and the voices just stopped completely for 3 days until I could swallow liquids again. No med I have tried has ever gotten rid of them at all and I’ve tried 5. Gonna try my 6th on February 28th. I’m not holding out much hope but it’s worth a shot. Olanzipine just made me fat and tired all the time.

well here we go. i was down to 3.5 mg olanzapine for about 2 weeks or so. last night didnt take it. was going to just take an easier to break 1/2 pill every other night.

i upped my klonopin to a significantly higher dose today and am not going to take olanzapime anymore. i dont think it ever really helped. im goong to take my new dise of klonopin till im thru.with a major stressor, c/o to valium, then taper down.

for some reason bemzos quiet down the voices. anyways. hope this works out.

jaynebeal, did you ever try benzos for the voices? really helps me

nope i haven’t…i do try and not take too many benzo’s as i don’t want to become addicted but i could give it a shot. i’ll take one or two over the next few days and let you know xxx

now that ive upped my klonopon to 1.5 mg the past three days. ive been able to take a long cab ride today rountrip. didnt freak out.

so glad its over.

been like 9 days without coffee. kinda miss it. : /

still doing fine off olanzapine. the 1 mg klonopin so far is making me symptom free, but i may have to increase it to 1.5 mg

still doing good off the antipstchotic. been drinking a lot of fruit and vegetable juices lately lots of energy. still taking 1.0 mg klonopin. no voices really at all. i may never have to take an antipsychotic again.

id really recommend vegetable juices like v8. they really calm you down. i bought a bunch of mixed fruit/veggie juices but dont like the fruit sugar. gives me mad energy so just going to buy huge bottles of v8 and drink a lot of it. then i will start making my own fresh “salsa” style green smoothies. ■■■■ calms ya down! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to share a little knowledge in this area of coffee and relapse. Coffee / caffeine is well known to trigger anxiety (and stress).

And anxiety/stress is a major factor in relapse:

So most people who have schizophrenia should probably avoid stress and coffee.

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Yeah i can handle a bit of coffee a day but try to stick to tea only once in morning. when i was drinking a lot of caffeine all day i was hearing voices at night even on tons of medication. so when i stopped that it went away. it was terrifying. maybe limiting caffeine is the sole reason im able to slowly cut back and now be completely off the antipsychotic. but when i tried getting down to 0.25 mg of klonopin the voices and ish were coming back. i have no idea what is wrong with my brain. i know stress is bad definitely. maybe if i got off all caffeine i could get off klonopin.

i had a stint a year ago when i removed all grains including rice from my diet. i got off all medications and was very mentally sane. 110%. this lasted two months before i started eating grains again and shortly thereafter i was experiencing very bad psychosis with even New voices. evil ish.

i took a klonopin and the hell completely faded. the level of psychosis i experienced for those two weeks was akin to an experience where i completely went bonkers after.smoking too much weed for like three weeks.

so anyways this second psychotic madness REALLY threw me for a loop because damn, i wasnt even smoking weed, and hadnt for many years.

but i was drinking a ton of coffee.

but its interesting that being grain free, and mainly fats for energy, allowed me to be sane. even while drinking a huge amount of coffee. it was just when i reintroduced grains bonkers happened.

idk. maybe the only way to get off this klonopin is to get off all grains again.

its just weird because much of my life i never had to pay attention to any of it ya know :smile:

i used to smoke bits of weed thru the day, have friends go to clubs. i had a huge social life. mainly because weed makes me completely happy. i would have this big day driving all around hanging out then going to clubs/hangouts at night. then when i got home at 1-3 am, i would drink an entire pot of strong coffee on the porch, smoke cigs, look for work, and just enjoy.