I'm getting my uncles car

It’s a '13 Suburu. I haven’t found out whether it’s a forester or outback. It will be my first car. I’m pretty pumped


Hell yeah that’s awesome!!! :smile: my 1st car was a 2012 ford fusion, but I don’t got her anymore lol got a 2014 ford focus now

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Congratulations! I have a 2011 subaru impreza that I love. Outbacks and Foresters are both really nice, and being a 2013 it is pretty new.

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My sisters bf used to have a 09 focus and just upgraded to a 15 focus I believe. Good solid car. He wants a Tesla really bad though

Congratulations @Nomad. That’s awesome news! I’d be pumped, too!

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Congrats on the car!!!

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Good for you!


My dad has a Subaru Impreza and it is AWD and looks pretty cool. I think Subarus are good cars. So have a good one with your new car!

Congrats @Nomad! :slight_smile:

Super happy for you! Congrats :slight_smile: