I'm getting helped

I have gotten some money to see my shrink next month.

And my roommate expressed concern about my eating, but knows better than to force it down my throat, so he told me it would easie his worries if I’d at least eat something during the day so I wouldn’t only have one medium meal at like 9pm. He suggested we eat breakfast together, and I think he did so because he knows I feel obliged to eat when someone eats with me, due to my upbringing.

He is also helping me limit my cigarette intake by rationing them. He’s going away for the weekend, but gave me 10 more than we agreed on. When I informed him of this, he was so happy I’d been honest about it, he let me keep the extra ones and piled 10 on top of that.
I think he senses I could use it.

He’s also been giving me small, lengthy, yet easily done tasks today because he knows my tactiles get worse if I’m left alone to let my thoughts wander.

I’m so glad I have someone in my life who cares to help me like that even when they don’t really benefit from it.
Not even my dad would help me without setting conditions.


That is awesome. Glad you have a helpful friend that cares about you. :elephant::elephant::elephant:

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