I'm getting fat. Is it puberty or Sz meds?

I’m on Seroquel and Rexulti, a year ago I weighed 135 pounds absolutely soaking wet. This morning I’ve weighed in at 169lbs.

I can’t tell if its the Sz medications or the natural effects of reaching adulthood. My sister put on alot of weight before she turned 20 and she doesn’t have to take antipsychotics, maybe its just in my genes?

I’m 20 yrs old btw and developed Sz in June 2015.

I’m 5’8 measured first thing in the morning. I think being short puts me at a disadvantage, every slice of pizza or hamburger I eat shows on a smaller frame. I store most of my fat in my thighs butt and belly. Some of the weight is muscle but there is a significant layer of fat on the outside.

I get moderate exercise of about 20 miles per week jogging and brisk walking.

Hopefully Iti-007/lumateperone works for me in a year or so.

Do you think this is the natural effects of aging or the medication? At first I thought it was just puberty but everyone on this forum seems to struggle with weight gain with the antipsychotics.

Which do you think is the culprit, Rexulti or Seroquel?

The meds themselves have no calories. Whatever else you put in your mouth does though. Medication munchies are hard to control but it’s all lifestyle change. So less bad fats and less sugar in your diet as these are the big weight gaining problems.

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