I'm getting cabergoline tomorrow 🎉

Fingers crossed that it will blow my anhedonia to pieces thru dopamine agonism and inhibition of prolactin. Can’t wait, gonna show up at post office eight a.m. tomorrow to get package. Been waiting a year for this med


I’ve never heard of this medication.

It’s a potent dopamine d2 receptor agonist with a long half life. Stays in body for 62 hours

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@Plindiana do you have a psychiatrist? this sounds like you’re being your own doctor…and I don’t like it if you are.

you should work with your pdoc…you are going to be really sorry…you are going to lose everything !! go back and work with your pdoc !! please.

I agree, work with your psychiatrist @Plindiana.
What you are doing is downright dangerous.

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I wish you luck . I think negative symptoms are untreatable

She won’t prescribe me anything for anhedonia.

I been with cabergoline for few months and it definitely lower my prolactin lever. However, I don’t know whether it cancel the effect of my current antipyshotic Risperidole?