I'm getting an episode and I think the whole earth is reading my mind

The voices keep making me self-conscious. I think the whole earth is reading my mind.


I know, that must be difficult. I can’t hear or read your mind.


I’m sorry @Jake

Like what @see121 said, I can’t hear your thoughts either

Hope you feel better…

Do you have an appointment with your psychiatrist so you can tell them what you’re experiencing?

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That’s awful. Just so you know, I have no idea what you’re thinking. Not a clue.


Does anybody have any ideas, about what I can do when I get these episodes?

I already took my anti anxiety medicine, and I took ambien(sleeping pill). So it helps a little bit. Sometimes it helps a lot, because the medicine puts me to sleep. Then the episode goes away.

I can’t read your mind either. Hope this helps. Feel better @Jake.

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