I'm fucxxxed up, how can someone help me?

I don’t know, how am I supposed to live

What specifically is wrong?

Everything in my mind, I think i killed people

But I never saw them

You didn’t kill anyone.

What meds are you currently on?

Klozapol and Depakine chrono

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What dose of Klozapol (Clozapine) are you on? The max dose is 900mg I think.

I have vision of dead bodies in the sea of blood, i mean i don’t see it but my mind creates it

I’m on 300 mg 1515

Ok. Those just sound like intrusive thoughts. Have you told your psychiatrist that you’re getting those?

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I didn’t, should I?

If they’re disturbing you greatly then yes you should get their opinion on how to deal with them.

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Oh okay 15151151

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It’s important to share EVERYTHING with your treatment team. They can’t help fix problems they don’t know exist. Brutal honesty is the foundation of meaningful recovery.

Hope things get better for you. Hugs.


Thank you 1661616

I was like that when unmedicated. Saw blood on walls and dead bodies in blood in the bathtub.

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