I'm frustrated

One of my alters took over and slept all day and ate my Oreos :tired_face:

Now I’m wide awake and have no dessert :confused:

On top of that voices are being a little bit noisy. Its just radio static but bleh. I dont want it.

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Do your alters have access to information that you know? Because I was thinking maybe you could get a safe and lock the stuff you want to remember doing and the snacks you want to remember eating inside?

And for the voices, honestly, you need meds. Just because you’re not completely incapacitated doesn’t mean that the psychosis isn’t harming your brain.


What is an alter?

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Information is a little bit weird with the system?? Like certain things we all know other things we are clueless about. A safe wouldnt be a terrible idea though

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I have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and basically alters are other people that I share my body with.

DID comes from a fractured sense of self that is normally caused by severe childhood abuse. Alters come from these fractures

Basically alters are formed to deal with things the original host cannot handle and is a defense mechanism.


This movie is about DID.


It’s… Not a good movie…

The representation is really inaccurate and also kinda stigmatizes people with DID.

Just the murderer that’s “crazy” horror aspect is a bit uncomfortable.

I appreciate the thought though.


My apologies, it was the first movie to pop up into my head.

What about Fight Club?

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If you want a cheap alternative to a safe, get a double-zipper lunchbox or a tackle box and put a luggage lock on it. That’s what I do with the meds in the house, now that we’re childproofed.


It’s ok!!! I appreciate you trying to relate!!

And ive never seen fight Club? I’ve heard it’s good though!? Does it have a DID character?


Yes, the narrator.

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I know this is an old thread, but I connected to what you said.

My Mom had DID. She completely integrated. She taught us kids how to dissociate when we were injured or sick. My therapist tells me I don’t have DID.

Give me your opinion. If I can remember certain things differently, not at all, or distorted, does that mean I just have memory issues?

I’m so sorry to ask something you may not know the answer to, but I hope you can.

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We aren’t integrated and have no plans too but I’m glad it worked out for your mom!!

As for her teaching you dissociation I’m curious to hear more about that?

But for your question it’s possible to have dissociation without DID.

Dissociation is actually pretty normal in people but if it happens to frequently or severely it can be classified as a disorder.

Dissociation has many different symptoms such as feeling yourself or the world around you isnt real and Lapses in memory/blackouts.

Now I personally don’t know enough about your situation to say one way or the other for if its dissociation or memory issues. But I will say it doesnt sound like DID.

Though if you have any questions about how I experience my dissociation I am more than happy to answer!!

I hope this answer makes sense

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Wow! I enjoyed your post! It’s very helpful. Thanks for what you said about my Mom.

When we would play outside, and come in with a bloodied knee, for example, she would say… think about somewhere far away, where nothing can harm you. Would you like more examples? They’re almost identical to each other.

I think my Mom had 13 alters including the watcher.


I’m glad I could be of help!! Feel free to ask anything youd like to anytime!

As for what she taught you that’s interesting! did it help?

And I have 18 alters according to my watcher but me and my therapist have identified only 10 so far :slight_smile:

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I’m proud of you for being brave. I’m so sorry that you had traumas that caused the splintering. :hugs:

I’ve been up all night. I thank you for being available for explanation.

Yes, the dissociation helped. I didn’t know what it truly was until fairly recently. How long have you be diagnosed?

Take care. Stay strong.

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Ah thank you I dont see myself as brave. My alters are family to me and we help each other through a lot! Thank you though!

I was officially diagnosed 2 years ago. But ive known about my alters existence for a while even though I didnt always know what they were called. I’ve had them since I was like 7!

It wasnt always smooth sailing but we’re pretty well adjusted now! We still have small problems here and there but thats how it is with family

I’m so glad you have the attitude that you do. I think, in this case, it’s healthy. Have you ever been hypnotized? It really helped my Mom. She didn’t say how, just that it helped.

My hope is that you continue on your road… to wherever or whatever is best for you. I wish all of you health and happiness!

Take care. :hugs:

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Ah thank you! My therapist thinks its healthy too! We’re slowly working on improving more though!!

Ive never been hypnotized. But it kind of scares me. I feel like I’d have to get to know the person before id let them hypnotize me. I’ve heard other people with DID mention it helping :thinking:

I hope you have much health and happiness as well!!

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