I’m free from being trapped to walk the night. For 2 to 3 years now i have been experiencing a burning pain whenever I walked into the sunlight… Could tolerate only a few couple minutes, extended exposure also causes nausea and vomiting and the pain spreads from sun exposed skin to the rest of my body. I saw 5 doctors including specialists and nobody could find an diagnosis… And now on antipsychotics, i can in the sun. I stood in the sunlight, just watching the sunset yesterday and I just walked around my garden in the and no pain. Still have some photosensitivity but that i read can be a side effect of the antipsychotics.

I’m free, now i might actually be able to go back to rollerskating… All the areas with good skating area were too unsafe at night.
I could go hiking. I live in east Tennessee with the Smokey mountains, but i never could enjoy them because of the pain that started after i moved here.
Hope this stays, I’m never stopping these meds no matter the side effects. I’m still a nightwalker, love the beauty of the night, always have. But it will be nice to enjoy the sun occasionally


Yay! That’s awesome! It’s so great when AP’s actually work!

I think that this sensation doesn’t last

I’d watch it closely

I’d be cautious.

Thank you for the headsup. But even if it doesn’t last…3 years of continuous pain… A littlee hope even if it doesn’t last is a great improvement


Sure, be cautious, but not pessimistic, it might just as well last. I hope for you it lasts, no reason not to have hope! I am happy for you. Enjoy your new found freedom!

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Thank you!! I I’m super happy about this

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