I'm forgetting to eat. Starting to become a big problem

It’s been a while since I’ve had any problems with new issues, but this one kinda snuck up on me. It wasn’t until about a month ago I realized I don’t eat much at all anymore. I mean I basically grab a muffin from the gas station and that’s it. I don’t mean not to eat it’s not like I’m starving myself or something I guess I just simply… forget to? My girlfriend yells at me daily for it. Which of course is the real problem lol but seriously, I went through a big depressive bout and starting acting strange, not talking to my family, not eating, taking walks to the local bridge and wondering why I haven’t given up yet. I’m safe mind you, I’m okay now. Lol but after crying for 3 hours straight on the shoulder of my other, everything went back to normal with exception of my eating. I just… forget, or decide it’s not worth the effort. I don’t think it’s an eating disorder or anything cause I never struggled with anything of that sort in the past. Opinions? My metabolism could be slowing down, almost 19, gettin old :stuck_out_tongue:

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I put off eating when I’m distracted by stupid things, busy trying to finish something, or just can’t get it together to put a piece of bread in the toaster.

If your girlfriend is bothered enough by it, why don’t she make small snacks, cut up veggies, or even regular meals for you to heat up?
Convenience is everything when it comes to eats, but you also have to make a conscious effort to make the time to eat at regular times.
Why not set an alarm for food time?
That nosy iPhone of mine is always wanting to know every single stinking thing I do- including eat.
Worse than 2 mothers.

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I’ve started wondering if I should set alarms to eat. Maybe I will. And have her make me snacks?? You my friend have given me something to bother her about. Lol but it’s good to know I’m not alone on the “lack of motivation” train departing to “I’m probably gonna be malnourished” station :laughing:

I have an awful time remembering to eat too. And when I do remember, I have no appetite at all, which is sad because I love food.

My boyfriend is a lifesaver, he basically makes me food all the time. I really appreciate it because I’m also really lazy in the kitchen (like, too lazy to make toast lazy)

I’m also very picky. I only eat foods I’m familiar with and love, and it’s always the same things (it’s probably my ASD, I’ve always been this way since I was a child)

So I’m pretty terrible with eating. In fact, if somebody doesn’t help me at this point, I eat nothing at all. So obviously I know I need help with thing type of thing and my family members and friends are very helpful and supportive which is lovely.

You should ask your girlfriend to maybe help you with this and pack you lunch/make you food (do you live together?) there’s nothing wrong with needing some extra help sometime.

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Oh yeah. SCHOOL SNACKS ARE THE BEST. like, if I have no motivation to move out of my bed, I can’t go cook food for myself. So ideally I like to have lots of school snacks (apple sauce, pudding, yogurt tubes, animal crackers, fruit gummies, granola bars, fruit roll ups, you get my point)

it’s not the healthiest thing, but it’s way better then not eating anything and there’s something much easier about just grabbing a snack without doing any work. Also some other easy things to just take with you are bananas, oranges, apples. Anything you can just grab and go.

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Me and my girlfriend do not live together (she brings it up often) but not yet no lol we do however make a point to see each other daily. I really can’t help but conclude the easiest way to do this is to remind her that she should be helping me out with it. I mean she expects I’d be able to feed myself, guess she expected wrong haha :laughing:

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It seems like you are deppressed

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