I'm finding it hard staying in the house all day. I usually go out on bus rides or to meet my two friends

And I was nearly going to meet them today. One or two.

Then I read covid rules

And can only meet max of one person. For exercise. Outside.

But it has to be in my local town.

Idk what to do except sleep because I can’t focus on books or TV.


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I don’t have friends in my local town. This is horrible

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I just discovered we are still allowed to volunteer. I guess I’ll do that then.


You might like volunteering. What kinds of jobs interest you?

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Did you get that job you applied for?

That’s what your should have been doing for the last year. We’re all sick of it but it’s not worth risking killing someone else because you’re a little bored.

I think this attitude is a bit harsh. Humans are social creatures. I think naturally introverted people don’t realize the stress naturally extroverted people are under. She is seeing two people, not holding massive house parties.

I tried isolating entirely for about a month and in that time I used the crisis line like 3 times a day because I was NOT just a little bored. I literally could not cope alone, even with my husband and child. I am much better off now that I see one friend once a week with masks.


Okay, but she’s taking public transit to get around. And yeah, it’s harsh, but it doesn’t make it not true. I’m an extrovert, too. I get it. We’re all struggling. But I don’t think it’s worth the risk. Guess you do.

I have lost an equal number of people to covid as I have to suicide due to the isolation caused by covid. I do believe there is a risk/benefit analysis that does not ALWAYS fall on the side of “stay home alone.” I do not think it is fair to judge someone else for making that analysis and deciding it is healthier for them to see someone. With masks, staying outside, and 6 feet apart, the risk is very minimal.


Where does she say she’s doing any of that? Also, if she’s going from town to town, in public transit, it’s impossible to follow those rules.

My point is not to make snap judgments on people without knowing the facts. And even knowing the facts, don’t act like you know better than they do what is right for their life.

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I go by the covid rules. Except about three times when I was not. I thought I was following them two of the times and the other time I wasn’t because of a private reason, which I now regret.

When I say I usually go on bus rides and meet two people, I mean usually, as in when covid rules are less strict and allow it or when there was no covid.

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Yea I’m thinking about gardening with disabled people :slight_smile: i saw an advert for it…


I really don’t care what the circumstances are. It’s irresponsible to go around in public transit visiting people for fun. Walk? Drive? Sure. Don’t expose people that are forced to use public transit for their jobs to be exposed to you.

I have made many sacrifices for this ■■■■■■■■ and it’s pisses me off that people think they’re loneliness is more important than other people’s lives. Hands down. That’s all it comes down to. We’re all ■■■■■■■ lonely. We’re all suicidal. That doesn’t mean my life should come above the person next to me on the bus.

I don’t know. They have not gotten back to me yet about next week’s training. So still unsure.

Ultimately it comes down to if I can handle that job.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in her country behind covid. They are both public health emergencies. Shaming people for being lonely accomplishes nothing but making yourself feel superior.

Cool. I’ll feel superior then since that’s all I’m good for.

That would be great! I hope it works out for you

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You sure do make a lot of assumptions about me for someone trying to convince me not to make assumptions.

My daughter’s school is back in session. In person. The best we can do in that situation is masks. All the schools in my area have reopened. You can’t necessarily remain in a bubble at home indefinitely. You just have to be careful. Meet with one person outside and while wearing masks.