I'm filled with hate

Hate for people. I just think people sucks and I want to elbow certain people in the face.

I hope you find peace


Take muay thai kickboxing classes. Then you can atleast legally elbow people lol.

Have you looked into therapy?

I don’t want therapy, I want to let myself hate people. It feels good not to suppress it. To let the anger out.

The stress of this will make your positive and negative symptoms worse. You like taking extra meds and having extra side-effects?

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I hit stuff in my apartment fantasizing about beating people up.

It’s good to let anger out imo, Suppressing it will lead to more stress.

Better to not have it eating away at you in the first place. Sounds like you have unpacked baggage that you are carrying everywhere.

Take it easy. Don’t hurt yourself.

I’ve felt the hate too because people disrespected me. Sometimes you get that in my line of work. I work in a shop and always have to treat people polite even if they are rude. People were pissing over me for totaly lame reasons. When I finished work and got home I was about to explode and would be angry and do self hurt stuff.

The good part about this story is that it’s been years since it has happened. I still deal with rude customers, but now I have found peace and serenity in myself. It’s they who have a attitude problem, not me.

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Glad it’s better for you. I could never work in a shop haha, meeting so many people every day… no. Glad it works for you.

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Get a punching bag and use that anger to exercise.

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Well, the moral of the story is that if people treat you bad when you haven’t done anything wrong or been asking for it you don’t need to weight yourself down with hate and sorrow. Just acknowledge that you are dealing with someone who has a attitude problem and it’s they who need to improve, not you. It’s almost like you can feel sorry for them for being the way they are.

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