I'm Feeling "Splorange"

Because nothing rhymes with the word ‘orange’, I decided to make up a word to fill that void! And that word is…drum roll…


The definition of Splorange is…

“Feeling fine or groovy. As in, I just ate a nice meal and I’m feeling Splorange!”

My goal is to make this word part of the English Language Lexicon…with the crowning glory, having it as an official Scrabble word!

So, what do you all think of my endeavor?? :slight_smile:


Very splorange of you


Next time my psychiatrist asks me how I’m feeling, I’m just going to say…“Splorange”…then explain the story.

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I think you just pissed off Eminem :astonished:


It don’t matter. He’s going to be pissed off with everything anyways. You think he’d be a little happy with being a millionaire and popular and famous. But no.

Next up: Purple.


Oh I know, I know…splurple


does gorge rhyme with orange. ?

What’s the word for the opposite of splorange though ? :thinking:

Deplorange? :thinking:

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Good answer! I’m feeling deplorange. :smile:

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Only if gorge had an n after the r. Then again, you must be joking.

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Yeah, cool. Lets bring back “groovy”. I miss it. You don’t hear it enough these days. I think the last time I heard someone use it was Greg Brady on an episode of “The Brady Bunch.”

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