I'm feeling pretty mellow, what about you?

where do you rank?

  • mellow
  • chilled
  • uncool
  • other

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i know there arent many options but maybe there arent enough words, whats your thoughts?

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I love the word mellow and its meaning
Just discovered it a few days ago
Like when i wake up and its raining
Bones has some pretty mellow tracks


its a bit like jello

‘mmmmm jellloooo’ drool, drool…

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I’m hungry. Not because the jello, but because I haven’t had lunch yet. The jello is just Satan taunting me.

Great,Happy for you @asgoodasitgets

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Our fellow men made a mellow dance in a Jello stance on a yellow trance
I might start rapping in english too
Just dont ask me what a yellow trance is

Wired, tense, wound up, on edge, anxious, nervous, uncomfortable, panicked, and uptight. Other than that I’m having a pretty good evening.

Hmm,haha,that doesn’t sounds like you feel very good,how do you still have a good evening?hahaha

I just gave the guy I share a room with a dollar to go to the store and get me two bottles of Cream Soda.
It’s going to be a wild, crazy night in the 77nick77 residence.

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