I'm feeling paranoid

I was passing a group of guys they work in a different department to me and when they saw me I turned and I heard them laugh

do they know you?

Well sort off. Sometimes I have to ask them things.

how do they behave when you do that?

I only talk to them via messaging at work. So I don’t know. One of the guys is the one who told my colleague he thought i was pretty. And I knew he was messing. Because when I turned round today I heard them laugh. They know I’m super shy so I’m an easy target.

Thats not the context it happend in though, is it? do you get a feeling that they are making fun of you?

They probably think your cute :blush:

Honestly I feel they mocking me

well that can happen. if its really bad, then perhaps its a good thing to get away and find a new job, find a new place, where you can be a more open person, or be respected for who you are.

it doesnt look like you want to change your behaivor for these guys, do you?

You know what I’ll try to play it their way watch.

lol what do you want to do?

I’ll think of something

k, but do you really think they are mocking you, or are you just getting that impression?

They’re being childish. It’s ridiculous. Being shy is hard

how old are they all?

Like I their mid 20s

what kind of guys are they? silly type, serious type, business type, funny type?

Very silly just a bunch of immature kids

okay, sounds like a tough situation. but i doubt they would make fun of you, unless you believed their lies or payed them too much attention and went about your own business.