I'm feeling down

What can I do to lift my mood? The winter weather isn’t helping my mood. My mum died this year…And I’m having such a hard time dealing with it.
I have lost interest in Christmas even…I don’t feel like celebrating it this year…My mum used to love Christmas. I don’t know how to deal with losing her…


Sorry for your loss @jenny8022 . Winter sucks. Christmas sucks for many people too, myself included. Don’t beat yourself up about feeling down. Just treat christmas as another day (with a few presents if you like).

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Losing your mother is a big loss and may be a major cause for your sorrow. After a period of mourning you will probably return to a more comfortable mood. I wish you well.


Maybe instead of a traditional celebration you could do something to honor your mom like a memorial of sorts especially since she loved it. It might make you feel a little better. I wish you the best of luck with your grief.


i lost my dad a few years ago, i like to think that he is still around in a way and keeps an eye on us from up there, and when i am really missing him i go to his resting place and talk to him. idk if this helps but this is how i deal with it.