I'm feeling crap inadequate clamming up I don't want meds anymore

My sister and Mom asking how I’m doing. Sister asks how am I coping is the meds working .usually I respond eagerly but now I’m clamming up

but if I had to answer I’d say I don’t know if I’m coping and I don’t know if meds working.

Pdoc put me on higher dose of mirtazapine for sleep but it doesn’t sedate me anymore just gives akathisia so I returned to lower dose.

I don’t care about my ■■■■■■■ meds anymore I wish I could stop meds altogether.

I’m not good enough I make too many mistakes. I just want to be normal. I’m sick of life I just want to retreat into my world of books and hubby and forum here and ■■■■ the rest .


I wish i could help. Im going through similar feelings. Hang in there

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I wish I could get on an antipsychotic I could lose weight on.

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Make sure you don’t stop your meds without your doctor though. :wolf::wolf::wolf:

Meds do that but finding the right meds right dose might help trail and error

I don’t want to eat more salad, but I need to. Sometimes what we need is more important than what we want.

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