I'm feel flatter than a pancake 🥞

Normally a tiny bit of coffee helps me feel less flat but I’ve become tolerant to it now.

If I take more coffee I feel really bad, so it’s a bit of a balancing act.

Maybe I could quit coffee completely again and lose my tolerance :thinking:

I hate feeling like this though. It’s like watching paint dry.


Ive been struggling with feeling flat too. Even with a good amount of caffiene. And being sleepy all the time.

I hope you find a balance soon that works for you.

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I feel flat often, this is why I drink plenty of coffee but I agree with you @everhopeful, coffee can do so much for me


I feel flat as well, I think is sort of depression, but no emotions.
Coffe doesn’t do any trick for me and next on the roll, the heat is coming.

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Oh, flat feeling
How I miss you
From this storm inside…


I also struggle with this a lot. Its almost kind of dibilitating. I think we need emotions and pleasure to function in the world properly. Otherwise it feels pointless and your just doing things you need to do because its expected of you.


I enjoy a cigarette and a bit of chocolate, it perks me up


I often feel flat myself, maybe I need more coffee :coffee:

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I have quit coffee many times. I always come back to drinking it. I limit myself to one cup, that gives me the pleasure of the ritual every day, without getting too much jitter.

I do think for me though that being caffeine free is optimal… but one cup is much better than 3.

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I think I’m going to quit coffee completely again for a while.


Well I quit coffee completely for 3 days. That’s all I could manage. I took some coffee this morning and it didn’t help my flatness.

This is new for me. I’ve never felt this flat before. I feel like this is becoming a serious issue.

I’m just venting really. There’s nothing anyone can do.

I feel like the disease and negative symptoms have progressed.

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