I'm fed up :/

i’m fed up :confused:

fed up basically means bored and annoyed about it or frustrated by boredom

its horrible, anybody else fed up? btw is the word fed up universal or am i stupid to explain the meaning of it?

wiki probably has a better explanation of what it means lol, but i cant be bothered looking,

nothing worse than being bored and lazy at the same time lol, (i say lazy but i obviously mean something else i forgot the name of) haha


Hi Daydreamer. I think I know what you mean. I feel bored but I have no motivation to do anything. Also since starting Abilify, I have loads of energy which just translates to restlessness because I have no motivation. It’s like having a car full of petrol but with no spark plugs or battery.


thats a good way of putting it

i have been thinking and i might try one of those survey sites and try and get a bit of money lol, idk if it will work though.

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i’m actually sitting here next to a blueberry flavoured red bull (my favourite) and i am very tempted to drink it lol

Same but a full pot of coffee here. I just know it will make me worse, more wired and then end up more frustrated.

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why do we have all of these things in our lifes to tempt us? haha , making us wired as if on drugs lol (other drugs anyway) who do we have to blame for that? i think i should make a complaint somewhere haha

i also had a large dinner of spaghetti bolognese :confused: crazy isnt it?

anyone ever tried these surveys before?

I’m bored out of my mind. My life these days is going to clubhouse three days a week because they can’t afford five days here, and the rest, well, sitting around my place basically. Been watching a lot of documenteries on netflix and playing computer games. Trying to stay away from liquor but this fine saturday finds me mixing white Russians since noon.

Boredom is one thing, it’s the loneliness and pain that gets to me.

that sucks @mussel

i guess i’m lucky i am not bored too often and i am not that lonely much either, sorry you have to deal with that,

i have a rare bottle of jonny walker blue label sitting in a box worth about £80 that my cuz gave me because the seal was broken, he was at a whisky auction and had about 50 bottles but they declined that one so he gave it to me, i’m not much of a drinker though.


Don’t feel too bad. Life picks up now and then.

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i’ve been trying to log into this but my account is inactive lol, probably because i tried it before but chickened out for some reason lol, i want to try it again though as it will give me something to do.