I'm extremely in heat

My husband and I haven’t touched since I had the virus. We pecked on the cheek today and he won’t touch me too much, because I get frequent UTi’s. So… I started texting my jackass brother in law and he asked me for nudes. Which got me all hot and feely. I did text him some flirty pix. He actually made me feel special. I know I’m a shh head for doing that, but I wanted attention and my husband keeps telling me no. A resounding no. My BIL said he’s not like before, and he was sorry for being a d ick before he left. He said he’d come stay the night some time after this quarantine. Play some Diablo or smash Bros. I don’t know, I didn’t know who to turn to and porn just didn’t do it anymore. He told me his back was out again, and I jokingly told him to stop humping all the hoes. He got a kick out of that. Anyway, we ended our flirt session and that’s what happened. I don’t feel guilty, but I feel a bit sad that my husband doesn’t want to touch me. To be honest we haven’t touched in longer than a month, it’s been many months. :disappointed:

Have you asked your husband why he doesn’t want to touch you? Tell him that not receiving any affection is hurting you, making you feel insecure.

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Better than being alone I suppose.

Nowadays I flirt with dust bunnies in my spare time :neutral_face:

Maybe get some dusted rhino horn and sprinkle it in his drink when he’s not looking. Seriously though I don’t know how to fix this, the relationships I’ve been in were never hypersexual. Usually once a week was my average for having sex. I think I masturbated too much in my teenage years so by the time I got old orgasms had kind of lost a lot of their appeal.


I’ll ask. But he’s just going to say, so I won’t get sick. Ugh! Lame excuse if you ask me. :disappointed: You’re right it is hurting me.

I think my libido went up and his went down. He used to care about having sex a lot, whilst I did not. Now everything is topsy turvy. :dizzy_face: It’s like some kind of strange tennis.

I think flirting with your brother in law was not a good idea.

Be straight forward about your needs with your husband.


If You Are in a Relationship



Why Would You Claim to Be in “heat” of All Things, to Strangers on The Internet?.

Last Time I Checked Thus Wasn’t Some Form of Dating Website… . … :100:

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I couldn’t think of another topic. Really. My bad.

I did, he doesn’t listen.

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Oh, well do you have a private bathroom you can relieve your frustration in?

(I’m trying to keep this PG haha)


I do, I guess I could do that. Thanks. :+1:

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Yeah, you welcome!

You’ll probably feel a lot better. :+1:

I still deal with sexual frustration at times, and I’m almost 40!


Dang… I hope I don’t have to deal with this the rest of my life. Bleh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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This is funny @Cici2 lol , I hope you and your husband work something out in terms of intimacy :grin:

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No one forced you to answer. If you don’t want to be part of the topic then move along, but don’t be mean. This topic is perfectly acceptable to be on this forum.


Jackass brother-in-law should not be asking for nudes. Maybe you shouldn’t have flirted by sending flirty pics because it’s the first step of cheating. Now you both know something about each other that would have better been stopped before it ever happened.


We both know it stops at txt. No touch, no contact. He’s too old school to commit to an affair. My husband and I have an pretty open relationship, we’re not so old fashion. We both agreed if one of us wants to go outside the marriage we both discuss it and come to an agreement. That’s our marriage anyway.

Dude, Female, Whatever, Whoever You Think You Are.

Please Jus Dont… . … :100:

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Bad move engaging with your brother in law.

You don’t even like that guy.

Has your husband told you why he’s not touching you?

Because of the UTIs?

That doesn’t seem like a good excuse.

If you have an arrangement where you can go outside the marriage for sex, I’d say this is the opportunity to do it,

But I’d still stay away from the brother in law, he’s trouble and hasn’t changed.

If I were in your situation, I’d just use my magic wand and go to town until my husband came around again.


I concur with some of the advice here. I would follow the wisdom of the Divinyls.

Lol if this music video were anime it would be in the fanservice category.