I'm dying because of my intrusive thoughts

Please help I’m suffering from severe intrusive thoughts but just need to think better thoughts tell myself I’m not these thoughts but everyone around me is condemning me. I am dying because of them. Someone is in my body doing this to me.

Taking l theainne is supposed to raise Gaba levels in the brain and thus stop intrusive thoughts. There is a scientific study that says raising Gaba levels in the brain helps control intrusive thoughts.

To give you a link to it.

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I also have people doing things to my face and body because they think I’m vain but I’m just sick and depressed. They told me to buy the cold medicine but I chose the wrong one. Please help.

It’s not your fault that you have these thoughts, it’s one of the symptoms of mental illness and noone should be condemning you.

I have them too, but I don’t believe I am these thoughts… they come and go on their own, I don’t choose to think them, and if I could I’d ‘switch them off.’

The fact you don’t like these thoughts in a way shows they are not you, I think?


Thanks @frings. I may have to go to the emergency today feel so sorry for my friend.

It’s ok See121. Don’t worry about the cold medication, they’re all pretty much the same I think. It sounds like you’re having a hard time, you should try to take things easy… maybe try to relax and watch a funny movie. Do you mean go to emergency for yourself or to see your friend?

both of us if I survive

If you’re having a tough time then maybe a short stay in the hospital is a good idea. You’d be able to see a doc there and she or he could help with the symptoms you’re having.

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