I'm done with my pdoc

Long story short, my pdoc is inept. He does crazy things and things that make no sense. My NEUROLOGIST discovered I don’t have SZ, not my pdoc. And my GP discovered I am truly depressed, and is treating me for it, rather successfully I might add. So screw he pdoc. If he was worth his salt, he would have run an EEG PRIOR to diagnosing me. The neuro found it, the pdoc did not.

I’m not sure if an EEG necessarily needs to be done for everyone before diagnosis. In your case it surely would have avoided a lot of mistakes, but overall I think it’s an expense that could be avoided.

One thing to consider, having the symptoms of mental illness for a prolonged period of time can have a lingering psychological effect on a person’s life. Symptoms can influence the way you interact with the world, how you view the world, and you you cope with issues. Even when those symptoms are gone, it can be difficult to get rid of the mental baggage that came with them. I think of it like a prisoner being released from prison after spending 30 years away from the world. It takes time and effort to readjust.

I’m not recommending that you stay with your doctor but maybe think about some form of counseling to readjust you back to a normal life.


I only have one bone to pick with your argument: Psychological Associates the world over recommend brain imagine and vitamin deficiency checks prior to making a sz diagnosis. Other than that, I’d say you hit the nail spot one. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m not a doctor, just tossing out some ideas. I had a couple of EEGs myself over the years so it is probably a standard thing.

Yeah, they’re not fun. When they flash the strobe lights, I seize.

I’m sorry you had such bad luck with your pdoc. When I first got sick as a teenager they ran all kinds of tests to rule everything out, which included an EEG and MRI. I remember I didn’t like the EEG with all of the flashing lights, but it didn’t show anything. Just think of how lucky you are that they found out what is really going on instead of being on meds for years more. They carry some scarey side effects that can be permanent. :sunny:

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There was one part of getting an EEG done that I enjoyed.

The times when I got the EEGs done were during psych hospitalizations. The EEGs required me to stay awake all night before the test.

I’ve always hated sleeping. I also can’t say I liked the daily grind in the hospital nor socializing with other patients much. Being the only one awake on the unit all night was cool. I watched tv, ate snacks, and chatted with nurses on the night shift.

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I think they’ve changed the protocols for EEGs. I didn’t have to sit up all night for mine, :smiley: