I'm doing well for a B-person (poll inside)

In scandinavia we divide people into two groups, A-persons and B-person.
An A-person likes to get up early and goes to bed early. A B-persons stays up late and gets up late, and gets grumpy or very sluggish if forced to get up early.

I’ve always considered myself a B-person, but after I started work I’ve had to get up early each day and go to bed somewhat early to avoid getting tired.

I gotta say, it’s going well. I’m not grumpy in the morning at all. But I do put aside an hour of waking up and having coffee and cigarettes time before I’m out the door or at the computer, ready to work.
I think it’s important to know your limitations, and that extra hour is what makes me able to be cheerful and awake when I do start work.

I’m starting to transition from B to A, I think, although I do sometimes sleep in during weekends.

What are you, an A or a B person?

  • A - I like to get up early and go to bed early
  • B - I like to sleep in and go to bed late
    • Neither/mix

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I go to bed these days between 12 am and 5 am and get up between 1 pm and 3 pm. Thereabouts anyways lol

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I get super bored in the evenings and end up going to bed early


I go to bed frightfully early but I get up before my alarm that is set for 4:45am. I always worked jobs that started early like 7 am but had an hour drive in that. I did do a couple of years on a afternoon shift where you’d start at 3pm till 11 pm at night…if you did overtime you’d work into the next day…

What I found was that on that afternoon shift I’d go to bed at daylight. More importantly I’d need time to wind down…that was the key to me. Enough sleep where you get your fill of relaxing after your shift.

These days I’ve come down from 10 hours to 8 hours sleeping a night. Lots of exercise helps that.

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I used to be a B-person, but have switched to being an A-person. As a nurse, being a B-person meant working afternoon and night duty. I much prefer getting up early, going to work and then finishing work early. I feel like i have opportunity to do things after work is over.

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When I was working I HAD to get up early.
When I retired I was still used to that way and got up early to do volunteer work.
But now since the volunteer work is shut down because of the virus I stay up all night and wake up whenever I feel like it. :rofl::mask:

I go to bed at 9 or 10am, get up.5pm. Not ideal, but it’s better than full blown insomnia. I still take a sleeping pill at 8pm, but I take my xanax, tizanadine andvtramadol at 4am, then I get drowsy.

I used to be a b person, often doing all nighters and sleeping in till 5.

But now I am an a person, I blame the toddler lol

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I’m in between. I like staying up late and getting up late, and I don’t mind going to bed early. I also don’t mind the mornings.

Hey,really happy for you.Continue to do well and shine as best as you can.I always have negative thoughts when I Vape or use the cigarette.I felt guilty which doesn’t help at all

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Thank you :slight_smile:
I used to feel guilt when I smoked, but now I just feel like… We’ve all got to die at some point from something, and it might as well be from something I enjoy doing, right?


Yes.At least it’s your own choice,some people die when they eat healthy and exercise everyday.They tried to extend their life.Donald trump never exercise and probably eat whatever he wants.He is still alive and kicking very well

I used to be a B person. In my old age, I am now strictly an A person. Bedtime is never past 9 and wakeup is never past 6

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I used to be a total B person. When I was young, I worked graveyard shift as a nurse. Later, I used to stay up until around 2 or 3 am and get up around noon. Nowadays, as I’m old now, I go to bed around 9 or 10 pm and get up around 9 or 10 am. So, now, I guess I am an A person.

I go to bed around 8pm and wake up around 8am. I know I’m sleeping half my life away but it keeps me stable.

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