I'm doing a hobby project and working on my diploma again

Part of my recovery is trying to find purpose and to also self discipline myself to stick with something. So I bought a sound kit on a beat production website, it was $20 for the rights to 100 beats/rap instrumentals. I’m going to try to do all 100 of them. Just finished the first one, wanna do 2-3 per day to meet my 6 week deadline.

Anyway, It’s just a stupid hobby but it’s to teach me to stick with sht and finish what I start. Only doing that 2-3 hours a day, rest of the time I’m continuing with my accounting “diploma” thing. Probably will start going to the library to study so that I get more comfortable being around people.

I just need to stay clean (from alcohol/pot), take my meds, take showers and do the basics everyday and hopefully I can do it.

Wish me luck.

If you feel like sharing/starting a discussion, what projects do you got on the go?


Best of luck with it all :four_leaf_clover:

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Good luck with everything @anon99233869.

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Thanks for the good wishes guys. Tracks will be posted here > https://soundcloud.com/pieces-corner. Just finished number 5…It’s all garbage lol, but it’s fun…ish.

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