I'm doing a 5 year course in university

I’m studying gambling and mathimatics/numbers,…one area of the study will be, the possible laws of average in the method of predicting the outcome of numbers.

Wake up pedro, you’re having a bad dream.


You know your in trouble when you think you have a system!

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i have good back round in methods, i started playing roulette 10 years ago, ive served my time, in the common pattern of numbers and results

Have you thought about watching a documentary on card counting? They still use the MIT yearbook to catch card counters!

i like solving number problems

Then your a better man than me! Can you make sense of cryptology? I almost brought myself a introductory book on it from amazon (it’s somewhere in my bookmark)!

aw god, I had gambling problem on Ability. Thank god I changed that med.