I'm depressed

I find that I’m bathing every day but not washing my hair. Also I stay in the house and have to make myself go out to feed my dad’s dogs. (My daily chores consists of feeding the dogs and locking the chickens up at night)


Correction. I do go outside and sit on my porch when it’s :sunny:

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I’m sorry you’re in a rut. Staying busy helps me you’ll be alright


that’s funny, my little brother has a task of closing the chicken coop every night also.

i don’t really deal with all my mom’s farm animals because I do my own thing, but I do offer to help with this or that.

wellbutrin solved my depression issue basically 99%. I’m no longer depressed, however life is still not always rainbows and glitter. it was never meant to be.

I like my antidepressant but be careful because people on here say they make them psychotic or manic, so tread lightly.

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Risperidol and Seroquel had once made me seriously depressed. And if I am on high dose of invega, I will be depressed,too. So you need to find out what has made you depressed and if necessary , take a bit of antidepressant.

Wish you well soon.

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Thank you. I started noticing depressed feelings after I started taking Luvox I told my pdoc but he said that Luvox was an antidepressant

how long have you been on it. in my experience after about a solid month, my wellbutrin was really a solid medication. I like it a lot. it was still pretty good at first but its better once you make a habit of taking it every day. it will work better and better over time

also I had to up my dose after I realized it wasn’t as strong as I needed it to be. If i have to take medication for what appears to be permanently, I have some high demands for my psychiatrist.

I never play around with my happiness.

I think I’ve been on it a year. It’s for OCD

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oh ok. 15151515

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