I'm depressed because life is depressing

That’s it. That’s all. More profound thoughts on life by 77nick77. If you want the whole story go on Wikipedia.


It’s not great.


Life is indeed depressing.


At least it is these days. Life on this planet has really been done to death anyways. I guess I’m okay with it ending in the next 2 or 3 decades. We’ve had a good run, to say the least!



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I can’t imagine anyone saying I’m happy because life is happy. Maybe a few “lucky” nutcases. In any case they’d be a nutcase to me.
At the end of the day, everyone’s miserable in their own way.
It’s just some are more miserable than others, to the point the word misery doesn’t even mean anything anymore.

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Too real. What you gotta do is make yourself a little life bubble that’s not depressing and then stay inside that bubble and pretend anything outside doesn’t exist :+1:


And when your little bubble turns against you? When your own mind betrays you around every unknown corner? Then what? There’s nowhere left to turn. Not inside, not outside, nowhere. It’s hell everywhere you look. Hell is a state of mind, not a place.

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The only way to get out of hell is to claw your way back up. I’ve done it a number of times before. Takes time and is hard as all get out but if you want to get out of hell, that’s the only way. Having people at the top of the cliff cheering for you to keep going helps too.

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I’ve lost all energy to do that. I’ve done it, many, many, many times, over the years. But somehow I always end up back here. I guess the numbers don’t lie. I was given numbers and they marked the final downfall. No, haven’t been “up” since then because the numbers don’t lie. It’s all about synchronicity. The universe is not lying to me. Rather, showing me the way fate works. Anyway, I definitely don’t have people cheering for me at the top, lol. Maybe if I did it’d be… slightly different. But alas no such differences exist. But I’ve got plans.

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Just tell people that you are, crestfallen. It sounds better.


Well something I admire about people is that being down isn’t a permanent state. People aren’t like objects that once they’re broken can never be unbroken. Circumstances can change in ways you couldn’t even imagine now.

Wishing the best for you.

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Yeah, it’s not… thankfully…My mind basically caved in yesterday, but I feel somewhat better today, after getting some (restless) sleep…Despite always being able to rebound to some degree, I definitely feel very broken deep inside, in a way I can’t imagine can be fixed, at least not in this kinda world we live in… But anyway…

Thanks, Anna… We seem to have a lot of the same experiences, so I’ll take your word for it

i feel horrible…

Hate to see you down man.

I think you yourself are alright. I hope that more enjoyment comes your way… I think you are a pretty resound man of understanding… And a true rarity in the world regarding the weight of your experience and how much work you put into cherishing it.

Hey man I saw a quote recently “True happiness is the most rare thing to see in an intelligent individual.”

Hah or Why does Hemingway state: “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”

the title of an article that follows with this.

“It is a self-serving lie aimed to make his own misery more tolerable.”

From this: https://www.quora.com/Why-does-Hemingway-state-Happiness-in-intelligent-people-is-the-rarest-thing-I-know#!n=66

uhhh… I totally side with hemingway… this guy is profiteering off of positivism and a need to support those who don’t get it… Smart smart smart smart… smart people… whe whe whe went… (oh yeah). Don’t blame the guy. Everyone needs help and a lot of folk are inspired to see themselves as “smart.” Which is dumb… the @minnii paradox as I’ll call it.

Anyways Nick… I consider you as a guy who as potentials beyond what the world was capable of empowering you to know… and I think you are alright if you are feeling low and unmotivated and wondering why… cause you’ve done enough mate… I think you deserve retirement and your own place… maybe some kind of chica to keep happy with!

Do hope things turn around for you man! You’ve been a friend I can count on that’s never left me feeling wrong in myself… Truly cool bro… Truly cool!


Watch the down times my friend! Depression is more debiliating to me than hallucinations. Too much tripping as a youngster doesn’t hold any fear for me but that balls to the wall depression does my head in totally.

I like you Nick cause your always positive. Hold that in your heart and realise you make a difference here and I’m sure you make a difference in real life too. I know it’s no easy thing being a labourer in the modern world but I admire you for getting by…I’ve done a lifetime of getting by and appreciate your attitude.

It’s ok to have bad days. Then you get on with it. Stay positive. You’ve so much to offer this world and I, for one, are a fan of your work! Stay strong and keep on keeping on! Don’t let the bastards get you down!


I love your encouraging posts @Azley. I like the way your mind works. I

That’s what I also told my sister. I told her that what I’ve done is amazing. Working 5 years with schizophrenia is a miracle. Working ten years with schizophrenia is a miracle. But I’ve been working for more than thirty years. Unfortunately, I have problems now with a bad memory caused by stress from a horrible move. I suffer from fatigue and a bad back. I was going to quit this janitor job two years ago because of the fatigue because I am slow but my employer keeps me on. So maybe I can go a few more years. But retiring does cross my mind.

Yeah, he knew this personally. He was intelligent and we all know how he ended up.

Anyways, my only complaint is that I haven’t got a “77nick7 strikes again” in quite awhile. I must be slipping.

Thanks for the post.


I’ve read this part several times. Very encouraging. I try my best to be positive in real life. I can have fun at work talking to people. I am pretty good at getting people to laugh. Today some of the soldiers at work turned the tables on me and were good-naturadly ribbing me with smiles on their face. It felt good. I guess I have hung round so long that people are comfortable round me. I really appreciate all that you say to me. Its nice to be appreciated. I will “talk” to you later, thanks.


Mate. I know a good egg when I find one! I bet you do too. Keep on keeping on and leave your heart open to being open to people. Yeah you’ll have some disasters. Shite mate…I’ve had plenty of those but I keep trying because I know that in the end I’m doing allright.

Stay positive mate! It’ll all come round!


life is neutral. neither bad nor good. it is what you make of it.

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