I'm Depressed and Anxious from the body aches and pains

My skin is so sensitive and won’t heal properly when I get cuts. I feel like I can’t breathe properly and like I’m going to pass out. I keep getting fevers, aches in my groin, in my chest, up my back, liver, butt, crotch and legs. I can’t eat much anymore. I starve but when I eat I get so bloated all over my body. My liver burns and won’t digest. I am so exhausted but can’t sleep. I can’t breathe and my heart races. I can’t focus and think remember things anymore, and my vision is blurring suddenly. If I go to the doctor they will just turn me away. I’ve gotten about four blood tests over the last four years and they always are normal.

I used to come down with weird illnesses and nobody knew why. I would throw up, my back hurt, I’d have a sore throat and lose my voice. Eventually, it was discovered that I was repressing so many things that it was making my body physically ill. Now that I’m better about acknowledging my feelings as they happen, I don’t get sick as often. The connection between the body and mind is very strong. Perhaps a similar thing is happening to you.

At the time, when someone tried to tell me that, I got angry and defensive. But now I realize it was accurate.


Amen sister :pray: