Im definitely a burden

Theres no way im not i cant stop asking my boyfriend for reassurance since he triggered my.ptsd on accident. I was already feeling like a burden for how much i talk to him, then i misperceived his tone of voice, and felt really unsafe suddenly, and started crying. Im tired of feeling so hopeless about getting over my trauma and my depression/anxiety/psychosis, im tired of chasing people away with my problems, even though im not mean to people in general it seems im way too much for everyone. I mean im way too much for myself.


Obviously, I can’t speak to how your boyfriend feels, but we don’t feel that way about you here @Moon . Not everyone is cut out to be able to handle others problems. I think a lot of us have been burdened with some similar things here and maybe understand more what you are dealing with.

If your boyfriend is a good boyfriend, he too will be understanding of what you are dealing with.


I second everything @Bowens said. You are not a burden



He may not feel that way. I had a doctor tell me my husband would undoubtedly leave me with all of my problems. 13 years later, we’re still together. So don’t listen to what anyone else says, even your own thinking; your boyfriend is his own person with his own thoughts.


Oh boy, can I ever relate to that concept I’m too much for myself. That’s a great way to put it, actually.

I agree with Happy. Don’t assume your boyfriend thinks you’re a burden. Like her, I have a 20 year devoted partner. He’s talked me down countless times during my latest crisis the last month, and remains as patient as day one. Theyre out there.

You may feel you’re a burden to yourself, but that doesn’t mean you are to him.


@Shmookitty 20 years is how long hubby and I have been married altogether.