I'm dating and I have no libido

Hi, so I am pansexual and I am dating this guy. I really like him but I have no libido (I wonder if its because of the medication). He lives in the US and I in Portugal, but he wants to come to Portugal to make a visit. Anyway I wonder if I should be dating when I have no libido at all, I totaly feel like an ace with romantic feelings. What would u guys do in my case?

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I worry about the same thing
I have no labido yet I would like a boyfriend but this is an obstacle meeting someone is hard enough
I don’t know what to either

Tell him your meds make you uninterested in sex but your still feel love. If he loves you enough to travel that far, hopefully you guys can figure something out.


Maybe closeness to him brings back your feelings,


ive told him I have low libido, he still wants to date me and unlike one of my past bf he will not make me have sex with him if I dont want to, he respects me. I feel like on that im lucky.


I’m in Portugal too

Cool. Are you from lisbon?

I have no libido either. I, personally, would not date anyone unless they already knew that I was not interested in sex. It’s important for the other person to know, especially if he is travelling a long distance to see you. It’s unfair to him, as there will be an expectation of intimacy, at the very least.

My other point I want to make is, you’re not actually “dating”, as you have never met him. It’s better to be brutally honest with this man you are corresponding with. How would you feel if he treated you the same way?

Hey I’m in Portugal too. Around Lisbon area. Are you portuguese or just living here?

I understand that, I’ll be honest with him.

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i’m portuguese and you?

Are you saying you have strong romantic feelings, but won’t perform, or that you can’t perform?

If you refuse to, you should probably not be dating, without explicitly mentioning whats going on with you, because that’s probably something that stops miscommunication at the door.

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Hi Niales.

Does medication kill your libido?
It’s regrettable that you want a romantic relationship but you don’t feel any sexual desire. How old are you? Men who don’t want sex are rare. I hope you will get lucky with this one :slight_smile:

ah im capable of having sex I just dont get excited about it.

I don’t have much of a libido either

Be upfront about not wanting sex. For some people (maybe most?) that would be a deal breaker. Better to get that out of the way ASAP. If he’s not interested there’s another match for you out there. Dating is a numbers game.

I’m a male, and the med’s dramatically lessened my sex drive and my sperm count. I still have a sex drive, but not as strong as I used to. Maybe you could talk to a doctor and get some kind of hormone treatment. It might take a while to find one, but it would be worth it, if you still want to have a sex life. See if you can find some kind of sexual relations specialist.

Sometimes I don’t get a libido until I’m lying down next to somebody. It’s kind of hard to share the bed with someone like that and not get it eventually, provided you are attracted to them.

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Cymbalta fried my video game system.
Hoping to switch to another AD next week.

If you have no libido, or your gear just doesn’t work it is very frustrating.

Yes me too :slight_smile: